Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Visionary Podcast - July 19 2007

Caroline welcomes back two long-time allies, political participants, Jamie Yeager (writer for the Texas Observer, Press Secretary to Eugene McCarthy) and Pat Ewing (Chief of staff for Al Gore) who have both been on this show many times, but never together- until now. May we examine all that we know about the Constitution, that we may all put our hands back on the tiller of this country. Yea! impeachment.

The Visionary Activist Show - July 19, 2007 at 2:00pm

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Passage read by a caller from Erich Fromm's 'To Have or To Be':

"Society, though, is not made up of heroes. As long as the tables were set
for only a minority, and the majority had to serve the minority's purposes
and be satisfied with what was left over, the sense that disobedience is sin
had to be cultivated. Both state and church cultivated it, and both worked
together, because both had to protect their own hierarchies. The state
needed religion to have an ideology that fused disobedience and sin; the
church needed believers whom the state had trained in the virtues of
obedience. Both used the institution of the family, whose function it was
to train the child in obedience from the first moment it showed a will of its
own (usually, at the latest, with the beginning of toilet training). The self-
will of the child had to be broken in order to prepare it for its proper
functioning later on as a citizen.