Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Deep Self: Consciousness Exploration in the Isolation Tank

Since I know you see some of my posts here Charles - a couple of things you might find interesting - I was heavy into John Lilly for awhile (long time ago) - started with an interest in his work with dolphins - ended up reading his stuff on floatation tanks and 'vitamin K' (what he called Ketamine)- it ended up destroying him ... I wouldn't mess with Ketamine myself because of it. John Lilly's stuff is really good - recommend checking him out if you haven't already.

First published more than 20 years ago and now with a new introduction by the author, this classic work presents the methods and conclusions of more than 25 years of experimentation with the isolation-tank meditative experience. Drawing on the personal testimony of many who tried it, including Burgess Meredith, Gregory Bateson, E. J. Gold, and Jerry Rubin, the evidence shows how, by eliminating the presence of shifting physical input patterns, the tank allows participants to dive deep into their subconscious and focus immediately on their inner perceptions. The different domains of reality and how various experiences with solitude affect different people are discussed along with practical details on the standards for isolation tank manufacture and use.

This movie is based on the work that John Lilly did with the floatation tank ...