Thursday, January 27, 2011

Everybody's ego but yours

I have recently read a couple of 'articles' by one Martin Ball on the Reality Sandwich website and have reached the conclusion that he has pulled himself up into his Ivory Tower even further than he was last I had encountered him.  His 'cultural walls' carefully embedded in his ego from academia show quite clearly now.  Watching him 'dissect' Terence McKenna reminded me of the 'feud' between John Allegro and Gordon Wasson.  Interesting reading - Martin is  a very intelligent man - but ... he is enamored with his own view of the world.  There was a commenter that said it best and this whole post is to present it ;-) ...

From 'Piled High & Deep'
"So the results of McKenna's personal explorations into himself, "using entheogenic tools," are only valid to the extent that they were Terence's experiences and so cannot be generalizable, BUT Dr. Ball's experiences using entheogenic tools are not merely a reflection of Ball's "ego" but are the "genuine truth"? Uh-huh. Sounds a lot like my fundamentalist Christian family's approach to other faiths: "They just have superstitions created by Satan, whereas we have the genuine truth.""

Remember folks ... question everything - including yourself.