Monday, July 30, 2012


There is a great deal of power in mythic ritual - came across this one that I feel may be of use perhaps ... take what you will - leave the rest:

Remember all the things in your life that don't work for you. Now walk around outside somewhere and collect fallen twigs or branches. Each one of these will represent something that you would like to release from your life. In a special place build a sacred Samhain fire, and throw onto it one by one the sticks which represent so much of your hearts desire for change. Really feel these things being let go as you throw them into the fire. Watch the sticks being consumed by Her flames. Open your heart to Her transforming power, trusting Her to show you how to truly let go. When your done, bury the ashes into the earth.

The Julian Assange Show: Cypherpunks Uncut (p.2)

The Julian Assange Show: Cypherpunks Uncut (p.1)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

BANKSTERS & Fraud, The LIBOR Scandal

George Carlin- Rape

While I agree he has a point - there is a major flaw in his argument ... rape isn't about sex - it's about power and forcing another into a subordinate position with force that just happens to be a sexual act. It has nothing to do with sex.

TEDxNewHaven - Charles Eisenstein - The Gift of Happiness