Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Anonymous sources. Synonymous with free speech

I posted the following comment on all of the images in this gallery:

"@wikileaks - in the spirit of cognitive congruence - could you release these images under Creative Commons? ;-)"

And the following one on the first and last image:
"yes - I know - I've posted the same comment for every WikiLeaks picture - for a reason. If you say you want information to be free - it needs to be really free ... or your just posing ..."

Big Brother is watching

Every organization rests upon a mountain of secrets

George Carlin on Politically Incorrect Part 2

Monday, September 27, 2010

DARE Generation Diary: Mexico Takes the Next Step: Presidential Candidate forces Senate to Demand Official Report on Californian Cannabis Legalization

"Remember in early August of this year when Mexican president Felipe Calderon waffled on whether or not he wanted his country to legalize drugs? He said he was open to a debate, but that a debate in Mexico would change nothing if the underground cannabis market in the United States persisted.

In the weeks between August and early September, many official types in Mexico and the United States have inveighed against legalization. Mexico's first lady, Maragarita Zavala, absent and then present at events with the US Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowski in Mexico City, and even Barack Obama from the White House, each have rejected legalization in Mexico or elsewhere as a panacea, especially for drug war violence. Notwithstanding an approach of binational official denial, legalization efforts have a history in the United States: going back to 1970 US voters have voted on legalization in several states west of the Rockies. But in terms of international diplomacy or even international relations legalization hasn't entered the lexicon, or politics, of Mexico-US relations. Not even former president Vicente Fox -- a pragmatic legalizer of all drugs, especially cannabis -- could shift the official positions of Mexico City and Washington, DC."

Bill Maher interviews Richard Tillman

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Johann Hari Protest the Pope Speech

Bill Maher: New Rule: Rich People Who Complain About Being Vilified Should Be Vilified

Bill Maher: New Rule: Rich People Who Complain About Being Vilified Should Be Vilified: "New Rule: The next rich person who publicly complains about being vilified by the Obama administration must be publicly vilified by the Obama administration. It's so hard for one person to tell another person what constitutes being 'rich', or what tax rate is 'too much.' But I've done some math that indicates that, considering the hole this country is in, if you are earning more than a million dollars a year and are complaining about a 3.6% tax increase, then you are by definition a greedy asshole."

Finding Your Science: What video games can teach our schools

Colbert's statement before Congress

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