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ID3 tag update issue

This may be helpful to someone else down the road ... I had to go in change a registry (couldn't get read only setting to stay unchecked) setting and manually to an attrib -r +s at the command prompt ... then still couldn't access the categories to change the tags ... and found this solution. Not sure if the the read only issue but would be willing to bet that the tag issue was caused by iTunes ... it's their MO ... ;-(

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Cannot edit file properties for mp3 files in Windows 7

Cannot edit file properties for mp3 files in Windows 7
Monday, December 21, 2009 5:13 AMmanu2012 Users MedalsUsers MedalsUsers MedalsUsers MedalsUsers Medals
I recently upgraded from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate. Now I can't change the artist, album, genre, etc. info on any of my music files when I go to the file's Properties and under the Details tab, or with the tags at the bottom of the Windows Explorer. If I try to change something and click apply or OK, it just changes right back. I have all the permissions checked under my account. I tried unchecking the Read-Only attribute of the folder and files, but it after I click apply or OK, again, it changes back when I reopen the dialog box.There are several other threads with the same problem, but none have a satisfactory answer/solution. I had no problem with this before I upgraded. Please help, it's very frustrating.

Also, I'd rather a SOLUTION from Microsoft rather than a way around it with third party tag software. Thanks.
Saturday, January 16, 2010 2:53 PMGeoff81D Users MedalsUsers MedalsUsers MedalsUsers MedalsUsers Medals
 Proposed Answer
I had this exact same problem and spent all day yesterday trying to solve it, finding no help on any of the sites I searched. However, today I have SOLVED the problem and so have registered here so I can post the solution:


The problem seems to be with the ID3 tags in the files. I suspect in my case iTunes has caused some conflict with how the ID3 tags are handled but I'm no expert on all that to be honest. I was however able to use iTunes to easily solve the problem.

All I did was open the problem file in iTunes, right click on it and select 'Convert ID3 Tags' then from the drop-down menu in 'ID3 Tag Version' select 'v2.2' (I didn't try any of the others maybe they also work?)

You can select multiple tracks at once to convert them all.

If you go back to windows explorer you will find that the song information is now back and fully editable.

I'm sure there are other programs you can use to convert the ID3 tags but iTunes worked for me.

This is a bit of a long and laborious process if you have many tracks to do but worth it in the end.
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